The Great Glen Wheelbarrow race was rekindled in 2009 by Andy Williamson, Andy who was born in the village returned in August 2008 to find a lot of the old village traditions had disappeared.

wheelbarrow race 1979
The 1979 Race

As a child Andy was always involved in the community activities such as the Church Lads Brigade and often seen riding the Co-op’s butchers bike around the village after school delivering groceries to the OAP’s.

It was over 25 years since the wheelbarrow race had taken place, once one of the carnival week events traditionally the wheelbarrow race was a race around the village stopping at each public house for a pint.

Once the word was out that the event was being rekindled Andy had made a rod for his own back promising to deliver, all the red tape was overcome and the rest is now history 2009 was a huge success and 2010 even bigger.

The event is now firmly on the village calendar as probably the biggest single event the village now has.

It has attracted publicity via Leicester Mercury, Harborough Mail, Countryside La Vie and even ended up on YouTube, see the links below.

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